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Lavender 100

Of Pet Rabbits and Reading Fortunes

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Welcome! Lavender 100 is a community that is very much like harry100, hermione100, and patil100. The focus of this drabble community is the character Lavender Brown, from the Harry Potter book series. Please read the rules before joining, and especially before posting.

(almost purely taken from the userinfo of malfoy100)

Joining Rules: Anyone with a livejournal may join this community. Those interested in joining should know that there is no posting requirement. You may choose to respond or not respond to each challenge. If you are looking for a purely NC-17 community, you might have come to the wrong place. All ratings are allowed here, but questionable material (that means R and NC-17 rated drabbles) must be placed behind a lj-cut with a warning of the contents in the drabble header.

Challenges: New challenges are posted each Sunday by a moderator. The current moderator is our_innocence. No off-topic posting, please. Only post drabbles that are responses to the current challenge. No advertising, questions, or responses to previous challenges is allowed.

Posting Rules: All members are allowed to post. Posts must have the title of the drabble in the subject line. If you have more than one drabble in a post, seperate them by numbers, letters, or at least cut tags.

Please include a header like the following for each drabble:

Title: Drabble title goes here.
Rating: Drabble rating.
Word Count: It should be 100.
Character(s)/Pairings: This should include Lavender.
Summary: A brief summary of the drabble here.
Challenge: Each challenge will be numbered and worded for easy identification. Place the name or number of the current challenge here.
Author's Notes (A/N): Any notes which you may have to add.

More Posting Rules, Numbered:

1. Again, only post to the current challenge.
2. No crossovers unless the challenge is specific to them.
3. Drabbles should focus Lavender. Other characters in the drabble are alright, of course, but they should not be the center of the drabble.
4. Drabbles may have companion pieces, but each must be able to stand alone. That means no chaptered drabbles.
5. You may respond with as many drabbles as you wish to each challenge.
6. Cut your drabbles if you post more than one at a time, leaving the header information out of the cut.
7. If your post does not adhere to the rules and you do not modify it immediately upon the moderator's request, it is likely to be deleted.

Word Count: Only the words in the actual drabble count. "A" and "the" are words, and do count. Hyphenated words are considered one word. There should only be 100 words per drabble.

Feedback: Ask for it if you want it.

Pairings: All pairings are allowed. Slash, het, or no pairing at all. Bashing of other authors will under no circumstances be tolerated. Don't read the drabble if you don't like the pairing.

Challenge Suggestions: If you think you have the perfect challenge for us to try, submit it at the suggestion box. You will get credit for having come up with the challenge when it is issued. Please make sure that it has not been done before, by checking out the previous challenges.

Affiliates: patil100 | huff100

Any further questions should be directed to the moderator, our_innocence, at unbound_to_the_circles@yahoo.com.